Ningcheng S.M Trade Co., Ltd was founded in December 2008, which is the earliest company founded by S.M company. Ningcheng S.M Trade Co., Ltd is a trade company that focus on exporting duck meat, mainly the products were sold to countries like Korea and Japan, since 2015, the duck product that the company developed has been the top exports to Korea for three years.

From the beginning of 2011, the company adjusted strategic goals and started to develop domestic food selling business and provided service for food export companies. The sales network extends to Japan, Australia, Mongolia and other places. Ningcheng S.M can combine product development, product management, standard control, channel construction and international market popularize together as their sales service.  In order to serve customers better, Ningcheng S.M is working on establish a world-class food industry base and doing their best to become a world-famous food company.

Since 2016, in order to achieve the strategic concept of “Trade-oriented enterprises transform into brand enterprises”, Ningcheng S.M will launched their own designed product which are safe and tasty, also they will unite other companies that have the same idea as they do and make contributions to both the society and the customers.