About Us

S.M International Trade Co.Ltd. was founded in 2008, a Commercial enterprise with food import and export trade as the main body. The company adheres to the purpose of food safety, finding and generalizing food culture and excellent food products, take their mission as serving the customers with safe and tasty food, and doing their duty for the society.

The company has four branch companies and one research center. After ten years of development, the company has completed more than fifty kinds of large-scale industrial cluster, including five main aspects: food import & export, product development, food processing, domestic selling, and brand operation.

In 2016, S.M International officially propose the strategic concept of “Trade-oriented enterprises transform into brand enterprises”, take meat product, vegetables and fruit as core, speed up the construction of building the company’s brand, thus greatly develop domestic and international market, achieve the prosperity economic landscape of both domestic and foreign trade.

Love is a long-term promise, the S.M people consider love as their core of culture, use strictly safe tests to ensure the safety of their customers. Also, they will spread their warm heart to the company and to the customers, develop and achieve in a caring atmosphere.